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Top 10 Background Screening Q & A

Your support, views and comments help guide the direction of the Fidelity Background Checks blogs and sheds insight how to better help our clients.  We are excited to keep providing help and guidance to keep companies as well as HR professionals informed. Without further ado this our top ten list of background screening and hiring blogs for 2019.  


#10: Why do other background checks take longer than most? 

This popular blog covers the most asked questions about employee background checks. – Why is it such a long process to doing a background check? The delay in background checks can sometimes be caused by the employer, the person applying or maybe even in some cases the type of background check that is being done. Hiring portals that are operated online and used by the hiring manager usually reduces the time spent for processing an applicant. 

#9: What to say if an employee fails a background check. 

Prior to informing an employee of a failed background check the hiring manager should know what a “failed screening” looks like as well as if it will affect the job. It’s a lot easier to make a sound decision, save money and time if the company starts with job specific background checks. Explaining pre-adverse and adverse action ensuring company compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is very important.  

#8: What is shown on a criminal background check?  

Depending on what kind of check was obtained will depend what is unveiled in a criminal background check. There isn’t a singular criminal database which governs international state, local or federal crime information. Hiring managers can better understand which criminal background checks to obtain using the information from this blog. 

#7: Why are more applicant failing drug screenings? 

Earlier in the year, a study was performed that revealed a significant number of applicants were failing drug test. The rate at which they were failing has been the highest researchers have seen since 2004. Fidelity Background Checks uncovered our own conclusions regarding drug test failures. The increase of marijuana’s legal use as well as the opioid crisis should inform employers, they need to create policies for drug screenings which will inform potential employees so the guidelines are understood.   

#6: How do companies get information for background checks? 

Protection from litigations and disgruntled employees, companies must ensure they have verified, and have accurate information regarding the background check. In this post we help employers examine what it is screening companies need to do to ensure the data collected is accurate and presentable to the interested company. It also explains why some background checks take longer than other.   

#5: What to do if you want to withdraw a job proposal? 

There is an increase in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuits which could explain the popularity of our blog post. Companies are realizing that an offer for a job can’t be just withdrawn because of a negative background check. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states has the chance to object an inaccurate screening which may show incorrect/ negative information before a company’s makes a decision as far as hiring.  Companies must follow the adverse and pore-adverse guidelines of (FCRA) to be compliant. 

#4: New State Employment Laws for 2018 

At Fidelity background checks, we strive to stay ahead of employment laws that could affect the screening process.  Companies should be aware of new state laws for the current year.  Many of the bills included salary history bans, minimum wage increases and more legislation to protect consumer privacy. Ban the Box and Fair Chance employment laws also went into effect with more expected in 2019. 

#3: Can an Employer Run a Background Check Without Permission? 

The turnaround time and cost of a background check can make an employer turn to internet search databases that contain job candidates in some cases. More so this is proof FCRA guidelines in reference to obtaining the proper authorization is also being bypassed, hence the employer is able to run a background check without the candidate’s permission. When this type of incident occurs, the employer could face litigations under the FCRA because it’s an invasion of privacy. Concluding this subject, it will always prove to be a better decision to work with a professional background check agency. 

#2: Employers, Background Screening and the Legalization of Marijuana 

Since the beginning of the year (January), more and more states have started to legalize medical and recreational use of marijuana, more recently the state of Illinois. Employers are in question as to what their rights when drug screening. Employers still have the right to prohibit use, possession or the sale of the marijuana in the workplace.  

#1: How far back should employers look back during criminal background checks.  

Employers rely on criminal background checks to maintain a safe work environment for customers and employees, this post is constantly reviewed to understand which criminal records can be used. We update this post regularly with current information to keep employers informed of their HR managers can make better decisions when obtaining information regarding background checks The EEOC has requested companies to individually pay attention to criminal records before making a decision whether to hire a potential candidate or not.  

These Top 10 Q & A’s reveal our readers are staying informed and educating themselves on FCRA guidelines and are more experienced assessing/performing criminal checks. 

Thank you for reading our blog and stay tuned for more interesting and informative content.  

Fidelity Background Checks. 

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