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SAVE, Get The Same Exact Reports For Less! Contact Us For Your Own Special Rates.


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SAVE, Get The Same Exact Reports For Less! 

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Extensive Screening Options

We have background check options all across the board. That includes: National Criminal and Sex Offender Database searches, County Criminal (2x), Statewide Criminal, and Federal District Court searches in addition with Credit History reports, Eviction records, Driver’s License records, Employment & Education Verification, Drug Testing, SSN Verification, Terrorist Watch List, and Motor Vehicle/Driving/DOT Records.

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So Many Organizations

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Whether you are a start-up company hiring your first employee, a corporate entity expanding your staff, or a property manager, Fidelity Background Checks can help assure you hire or accept tenants with confidence.

Employee Screening

A trusted, comprehensive pre-employment screening service removes one of the most stressful aspects of hiring.

Tenant Screening

Before accepting any prospective resident into your rental property, you need to perform a tenant background check.

Self Screening

A personal background check service is fast and affordable. Now see what employers see when they run a background check.

Business Credit Reports

Extending credit or contracting with a business? Get a current business credit report including current information from D&B and Equifax with score, trade lines, payment history, owners & more! Just call (833) 505-1234 or email for a sample report and pricing.

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Unfortunately, many business professionals are forced to go through several channels of communication and data tracking to see the full picture on their employees or potential applicants.

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To save you time and to get the fastest results our software is set-up to be simple, fast, and efficient. There is no paperwork or set-up fees required or any hidden charges and all screenings FCRA compliant. Just set up your account and start getting your background checks immediately.  

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4 Issues a Business Could Run into if a Background Check isn’t Done.

In a company’s search for potentially new employees it requires resources and a large investment of time. Taking the proper steps to ensure a new hire is right for the company makes the most sense.


How important is knowing
who you’re hiring ?

What is a background check? A background check investigates an applicant’s background based on criteria of the company they are applying to or their present employer.

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